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Father Hannas Council "Not for self, but for others"

March 2018

Fr. Josaphat, OSBM
Council Chaplain

Jubilee Year of Mercy

The Peace and Joy of the Great Lenten Services

The way we observe the practices of Great Lent can reveal to us how we are responding to the spirit of Great Lent. Do we experience the peace and joy that the true message of Great Lent brings to us?

As we reflect upon the Hymns, Tropars, Vespers and Matins verses and other services of the Lenten celebrations we begin to see what the hymnists and writes of these verses saw: 'the joy of the presence of God participating in our life'. It is as if they are reaching out to us to help us to be drawn closer to the very presence of our Creator. That special beauty proper to Great Lent leads us to a unique understanding of our human abilities. The writers of these hymns knew the art of repentance and have made this art accessible to everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see.

If you have never experienced this in any of the Lenten services, I would highly encourage you to attend at least one of these celebrations during Great Lent and to listen closely to the words. Then we will begin to understand the beautiful as expressed in the Lenten hymns. Our Lenten melodies are different from those of our usual Divine Liturgy. During Great lent our hymns have a unique character and melody. They are spiritually soothing and uplifting in a different way. If you attend, you will be able to understand what is meant by 'a Lenten joy'. The services tend to have a calming effect on our whole day.

Through the gradual introduction of the fullness of light into the worship God comes in the person of Jesus to cast light on the meaning and purpose of life. The message the Gospel sheds great light on our human lack of real understanding of earthly existence and the human condition.

Let us awaken our hearts to the joy of Great Lent - a time when we lift up our hearts and minds to the Lord - to be ever more closer to His presence.

Fr. Josaphat Tyrkalo
Council Chaplain

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