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Rev. Father Methodius Hannas, OSBM,1908 -1974, was ordained in 1934 by Bishop Basil Ladyka OSBM at St. Josaphat's Parish, in Edmonton Alberta.

He was Pastor at St. Basil's Parish from July, 1955 to 1967. The parish expanded rapidly year after year. With the increase of parishioners, the church became too small, and serious thought was given to building a new parish complex. One of Father Hannas' greatest achievements was the building of the new St. Basil's Church, Monastery and Cultural Centre in Edmonton; the largest Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. Various committees were formed to oversee the building project and financing under Fr. Hannas' leadership. Fr. Hannas was also responsible for instituting the formation of St. Basil's Men's club in 1957.

The official opening and blessing of St. Basil's Cultural Centre was on April 16, 1967. In 1967, Fr. Hannas supported an initiative of the Parish council to have the UCWLC organize St. Basil's Sadochok.

It is an honour and a priviledge that our Knights of Columbus Council carries the name of Fr. Methodius Hannas. We will all remember him for his gentle and kind approach to parishioners and their concerns.

The Beautiful
Risen Christ Mosaic Icon
St. Basil the Great Ukrainian Catholic Church
Created and installed in 1973
by The Franz Mayer Mosaic Firm.

Father Hannas Council
A Strong Voice
St. Basil the Great
Ukrainian Catholic Parish
1900 - 2006

St. Basil 's
Cultural Centre
1967 - 2006

The Risen Christ Mosaic

"A powerfully effective visual aid
in the liturgical life
and religious experience
of the members of the church
of St. Basil."
Fr. Bernard Dribnenky, OSBM

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St. Basil The Great
Ukrainian Catholic

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