Knights of Columbus Father Hannas Council 10519

"Not for self, but for others"

Enter Knights of Columbus FH 10519 Enter
Knights of Columbus Fr. Hannas Council #10519
Chartered December 2, 1990

Prayer during the Corona Virus Outbreak

Lord, Our God, We thank you for the life that is your gift,
For the providence that sustains us,
and for your wisdom that directs the course of our days.
The threat of an infection of Corona Virus is upon us today.
This disease causes fear among us and has claimed lives.

We humbly beg you, loving Lord,
Dispel our fear and deliver us from this and other diseases.
Heal those who are afflicted,
and stop the spread of the virus.

Strengthen us in charity to care for one another,
For You are a God of mercy, kindness and love,
and we glorify You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
now and for ever and ever, Amen.

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Knights of Columbus Father Hannas Council 10519