Father Hannas Council "Not for self, but for others"

Being a Father Hannas Knight is more than being involved with our community; it is supporting our Ukrainian Catholic church and community while enhancing our faith.

Being a member of our Council means an ongoing reinforcement of our faith.

Contributing a little of your time by becoming involved will result in great personal satisfaction.

If you are a practicing Catholic man 18 years or older and are committed to making your community a better place to live in, you are welcome to join us!

Knights have nothing less than a moral obligation to offer every eligible Catholic man the opportunity and the privilege of membership in our Order. Also, we must have a Knights of Columbus presence in every parish ... Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.

The Round Table Council works closely with the pastor of each parish or mission that it serves. All Knights in a parish regardless of their council affiliation are part of the Round Table.

The Round Table is an initiative, an offer to serve and does not interfere with any existing or contemplated parish program or group. The program is explained in this Brochure.

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