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>>Windows and Internet Explorer users.<<

Note that your screens are viewing the internet at 96 dpi, Macintosh users view the internet at 72 dpi. If you wish view the contents of your screen at a smaller size go into your browser and adjust your settings accordingly. If you are interested in this issue, please click >>HERE<< for an excellent explanation on page 3.

We only run Java Script on our website. We do not run Activex nor do we run pop-up ads. However, we do have words such as "open window" in our java script which Norton has flagged as AD KEYWORDS across the board. This has caused problems for many website owners that is beyond their control.

If you are viewing our website and there are gaps or blocked text where you would expect to find content it is probably because these links, run by JAVA SCRIPT are being blocked by software on your PC computer with Norton Internet Security.

Norten Internet Security is inserting code into our website without your knowledge. It looks like this ...

script language="JavaScript"
function SymError()
{return true;
}window.onerror = SymError;

Symantec software - Norton Internet Securit and Norton Personal Firewall enables ad blocking by default, which means that many links online don't work. You can choose to disable this for a specific site you are trying to view, or disable the feature completely.

Disabling Norton's Ad Blocking:

Start Norton Internet Security,
go to Norton AntiSpam,
Select "Ad Blocking",
press "Configure"
and untick "Turn off Ad Blocking".

Disabling ad blocking for just one site:

On the Internet Explorer toolbar,
you should find a Norton Internet Security icon
click this, and a menu should appear.
Untick "Block ads from this site.
After this clear your browser cache
and refresh the page on our website.

For more information, you can click to Censorbuster
or contact our Web Manager

Thank you for your time and patience with this issue.

"Not for self, but for others"

Enter Knights of Columbus FH 10519 Enter
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