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Prayer for the Church

O Lord Jesus Christ, Supreme Pastor of Your Church,
we thank you for the ministry of Pope Benedict XVI
and the selfless care with which he has led us
as Successor of Peter, and Your Vicar on earth.

Good Shepherd, who founded Your Church
on the rock of Peter's faith
and have never left Your flock untended,
look with love upon us now,
and sustain Your Church in faith, hope and charity.

Grant, Lord Jesus, in Your boundless love for us,
a new Pope for Your Church
who will please You by his holiness
and lead us faithfully to You,
who are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church ~ Enter DataBase Here ~

Salvador Miranda of Florida International University
maintains a web page on the cardinals

May 2011

The Beautification and Canonization
of the Servant of God, John Paul II

The Beautification of John Paul II

May 1, 2011
Divine Mercy Sunday

Supreme Knight calls John Paul II beautification
a historic sign of hope.

November 2009

>>Prayer For Priests<<

Fr. John Vianney by Jason Jenicke
A wonderful painting of Fr. John Vianney
by the talented Jason Jenicke

We thank you, God our Father for those who have responded to your call to priestly ministry Accept this prayer we offer on their behalf: fill your priests with the sure knowledge of your love Open their hearts to the power and consolation of the Holy Spirit. Lead them to new depths of union with your Son. Increase in them profound faith in the Sacraments they celebrate as they nourish, strengthen and heal us.

Lord Jesus Christ. grant that these, your priests, may inspire us to strive for holiness by the power of their example, as men of prayer who ponder your word and follow your will. The exposure the Knights enjoyed in the parish as a result, was superb.

O Mary, Mother of Christ and our mother, guard with your maternal care these chosen ones, so dear to the Heart of your Son. Intercede for our priests that, offering the Sacrifice of your Son, they may be conformed more each day to the image of your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

St. John Vianney, universal patron of priests, pray for us and our priests.

Thoughtful Video

>>Life on a Train<<

Marion Hour of Prayer

February 2009

>>Our Lady of Charity Icon<<

Our Lady of Charity Icon

Worthy Brother Knights: This is a photo of Our Lady of Charity Icon taken by our Publicity Chairman as it was displayed in St. Basil's Ukrainian Catholic Church during recent weekend Masses (Saturday evening, Sunday Two Masses one being the Bishop's Mass and Tuesday Evening Special Knights Service).

The service to the Holy Mother was arranged by our Chaplain and our Church Director. Several hundred parishioners and Knights prayed to the Holy Mother.

The exposure the Knights enjoyed in the parish as a result, was superb.

This was particularly a fine way to host the Icon in an Eastern Church and have Eastern Prayers said to the Holy Mother.

Councils are encouraged to make arrangements to have this Icon in their Church.

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February 2009

>>God of Peace<<

God of Peacer

"God of peace, bring your peace to our violent world:
peace in the hearts of all men and women
and peace among the nations of the Earth.
Turn to your way of love those whose hearts
and minds are consumed with hatred."

Pope Benedict XVI

World Trade Centre Site April 20, 2008
Marion Hour of Prayer
Marion Hour of Prayer
Marion Hour of Prayer

Janury 29, 2008

Marion Hour of Prayer

Marion Hour of Prayer
Marion Hour of Prayer
Marion Hour of Prayer


Marion Hour of Prayer

Most Holy Mother of Charity,
who came to us as a messenger of peace
across the sea, you are the Mother of all
To you we come, Most Holy Mother of God,
to honor you with love as your children.
To your motherly heart we entrust our desires
and hopes, our work and our prayers
We pray for our countries, that we may be able to build
nations based on peace and unity
We pray for our families, that they may
in fidelity and love.
We pray for our children, that they may grow strong
in spirit and in body
We pray for our young people, that their faith may
increase, as well as their attachment to the truth.
We pray for the sick, the homeless, the lonely,
the exiled, and for all suffering souls
We pray for the Catholic Church, for its mission
for its clergy, religious and laity, and
for our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI
Mother of Charity!
We place ourselves under your mantle of protection!
Blessed are you among women and blessed is
the fruit of your womb, Jesus!
To Him be the glory and the power, now and forever.

For Our Mothers
A Special Dedication

We Send You Our Blessings
Please click on the above link to listen and watch the movie!

Pope John Paul II

Encyclical Letter
"The Gospel of Life"
Given in Rome,
on March 25,
the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord,1995.
O Mary,
bright dawn of the new world,
Mother of the living,
to you do we entrust the cause of life:
Look down, O Mother,
upon the vast numbers
of babies to be born,
of the poor whose lives are made difficult,
of men and women
who are victims of brutal violence,
of the elderly and the sick killed
by indifference or out of misguided mercy.
Grant that all who believe in your Son
may proclaim the Gospel of life
with honesty and love
to the people of our time.
Obtain for them the grace
to accept that Gospel
as a gift ever new,
the joy of celebrating it with gratitude
throughout their lives
and the courage to bear witness to it
resolutely, in order to build,
together with all people of good will,
the civilization of truth and love,
to the praise and glory of God,
the Creator and lover of life.
Prayer for
Husbands and Wives
Lord, inspire those men and women
who bear the titles "Husband" and "Wife".
Help them to look to You
to themselves
to one another
to rediscover the fullness and mystery
they once felt in their union.
Let them be honest enough to ask:
"Where have we been together
and where are we going?
Let them be brave enough to question:
"How have we failed?"
Let each be foolhardy enough to say:
"For me, we come first".
Help them, together
to re-examine their commitment
in the light of Your love,
willingly, openly, compassionately.
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Pope Benedict XVI

O God, Shepherd and Ruler of all faithful,
look with favour upon your servant, Benedict XVI
whom you willed to designate
shepherd of your church.

Grant him, we beseech You, that by word and
example, he may so benefit those in his charge that,
together with the flock committed to his care,
he may attain life everlasting,
through Christ our Lord.
Prayer for
O God, from whom proceeds all Holy
desires, right council and just works;
grant your servants that peace which the
world cannot give.

That when our hearts have been disposed
to obey your commandments and the fear of
the enemy has been removed,
peace may be restored to the world under
Your Holy protection,
through Christ our Lord.

"Committed to the exemplification of Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism."
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